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Short description A RPG or Role-Playing Game can really leave a lasting impression, here you will find the 10 best RPG Games of all time.
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Here is a list of the best RPG Games to be found, the best ever made, those that have made a lasting impression on the players. The top 5, de top 10 en de top 25 RPG Games from high to extremely high, okay all right one more:

26. Fable: The Lost Chapters

A game that takes the player through a fairly short story but all the innovative elements and graphic features it's still a fun gaming experience for as long as it lasts.

No higher because: For those with a special gift to look past the fact that Fable is perhaps the most overhyped game ever, and one that has come short of all the made promises, it is a pretty fun and innovative gaming experience. All promises aside, with the expansion there still remain the following blunders for The Lost Chapters. The opponents are made as strong or weak as the player, regardless of the level of the character, besides that it ensures that you have a steep learning curve at the beginning and once you get used to it the whole game suddenly feels ridiculously easy, it also makes the whole growth process a lot less interesting. The story in the game seems incredibly short compared to other RPGs. The side-quests are a lot of the same and so quickly become boring. The job system is quickly turns boring and the trade system does not work. If you try to carry a conversation it is reminiscent of a conversation in the Sims, a bit of clicking through a menu with no relevant information, never experiecing the idea of really having a conversation. The marriage system is boring and 5 minutes after you meet someone you can be married and yet you know nothing of that person, and this is not changed during the subsequent game.

25. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

A game with a compelling story, a humorous attitude and a variety of interspersed mini-games that break up the adventuring action. The battle system uses bonusses for timing your attacks and defense and remains entertaining for a long time. This game is very easy to get into, and features a lot of recognizable characters making it a great experience for anyone having any affection to them. This is one of those few games that can completely take over your life for hours on end.

No higher because: The game lacks the depth and story that other RPG games do offer. The fighting when roaming for longer times becomes a little repetitive and the battles take place outside of the world where the player moves around, the attacks that call for quickly pressing the same button quickly become dull and boring.

24. Breath of Fire III

This fun RPG game will as you progrees take you deeper into his fascinating world. The character designs are of high quality. The lively graphic style is immediately great to one while the other might need some getting used to it, but it is certainly all of a high quality.

No higher because: The game play get more fun as you play the game more often, the story slowly draws you deeper into the game, but does not possess the initial pull that a few other games do have. The fighting when roaming for longer times becomes repetitive and the battles take place outside of the world where the player moves around.

23. Legend of the Dragoon

The game has a great story and gameplay that really have to grow on you. After a slow start, once you get into the game it really picks up. Legend of Dragoon incorporates a battle system that is based off of timing, and does this with great depth so that the battles stay relevant for a long time. A great experience for those with a little patience.

No higher because: Since the game has a somewhat slow start its not a good game for those with little patience and also do not want to work on that. The fighting when roaming for longer times becomes a little repetitive and the battles take place outside of the world where the player moves around.

22. Valkyrie Profile

The game offers a story that is based on Norse Mythology taking place around the major final battle Ragnarok. The above average beautiful sprites make the game a pleasure for the eye. The rapid pace of the game makes sure you will not easily get bored.

No higher because: The game is not suitable when often using short play sessions, because there is not always a save-point at hand. The agitation that keeps the momentum of the game, also makes it hard to fully enjoy all the beauty that is put into the game. The intersections in the dungeons of the game can often be a bit confusing.

21. Tales of Symphonia

The wonderful world of Tales of Symphonia offers lots of entertainment. You can play with or without your friends on an on and off basis throughout the story, the choice is yours.

No higher because: The story is not always that strong. The Blurr effect that should add depth does nothing but make your eyes involuntarily squeeze.

20. Suikoden II

Suikoden II is one of the most brilliantly made RPGs, with the story revolving around a large scale military struggle. One of the best things about this turn based RPG is it's different styles of battle.

No higher because: The game never really blows out of the water, except that there is little to be found wrong about Suikoden II and it shows that it secretly a very strong game, the combat system does a lot of good. The battles take place outside of the world where the player moves around.

19. Final Fantasy XII

A story that takes you into a big world where politics play a major role. The game is innovative and offers many hours of entertainment.

No higher because: The side-quests are often more fun than the main plot and that is very unfortunate. The camera in battles works unnaturally. Many of the cities in Ivalice are unnecessarily large, this does not only waste time but is just less fun. The sell system ensures that you will be selling a lot, that's boring. The fighting after prolonged play is more of a look at how the action occurs rather than bringing the action to the player.

18. Pokemon Red

An adventure in the Pokemon world that isn't just big and addictive but also is a full-fledged RPG. Don't let the childish overtones fool you, the game can be difficult and has a lot more to it. If you love Pokemon and you love RPGs and you look beyond graphical effects than this game is definitely something for you.

No higher because: There are a lot of childish elements and this can be a source of irritationfor for the more mature player, where in other games it is often done with more style and so much easier to digest. The story is not of a quality that it will immediately turn most non Pokemon fans into fans and therefore is not for everyone.

17. Final Fantasy VI / Final Fantasy III

A story that is both emotional and epic. A game that offers so much choice to the player and can be played through in a reasonable time or be explored for many months. For example there are many main characters, 14 to be exact, of which only half are needed to complete the game. While you are experiecing this great story you will be helped by a great soundtrack. The sprites aren't the most beautiful, but they are done in a style that ages well, the art style is superb and the visuals are incredibly varied and they help get you into the game's unique world. Every character is unique not only in design but in gameplay.

No higher because: When the game was released in 1994, this game would have been around the top of the list, but now simular characters used frequently, so they seem to be less special throughout the gaming experience. The fights are, hower robust and varied the combat system is, in comparison to other games less dynamic. The way the great story is told is not the level of other games. It is a very strong game and definitely recommended, but it starts to feel a little that many of the major innovations and improvements that the game brought are now frequently used.

16. Final Fantasy IX

A great designed game that offers a lot of drama and story while pulling you into a magical world of fantasy. There is a lot to explore and uncover. The fantasy element is really rich in this game.

No higher because: The story has a lesser impact on the average player than other games. The graphical style is not for everyone and makes the romantic scenes less effective. The fighting when roaming for longer times becomes repetitive and the battles take place outside of the world where the player moves around.

15. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

It's a beautiful, sprawling, and open-ended game that lets you play pretty much however you like and that moves those with a grasp of their imagination. With so many options you will be busy for a few hours and if you want for months. For those who love real depth, you can extend this game all by yourself with new experiences that you can create in the Editor!

No higher because: The soundtrack is far too short and therefore you hear the same melody too often. If you're traveling and you make use of the transport the game puts a the black screen in front of your face that instantly takes you away from the atmosphere of the game, this could easily be remedied. The game lacks the charismatic design at some places that can be found in other RPG games. The game is not suitable for the childlike players.

14. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

This RPG is not so about the story or the emotional development of the characters. This game is an excellent mix of an addictive gameplay that a lot of replay value. Here you can hours of fun, every day.

No higher because: The game is definitely not suitable for the childlike players. The graphics are not of very high quality. The automap is annoying, but on the other hand is very necessary, that creates a difficult choice for the player. The story is put on the background and although much improvement could be achieved here, for most players it is obvious the gameplay is what this game is about.

13. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Ocarina of Time is to most people the best Zelda game thus far in the franchise's life. The game tells a compelling story in a deep and changing world. The puzzles require some thought and aren't made too easy. The music is very good and really contributes to the atmosphere.

No higher because: The game asks for some patience from the player certainly in the first dungeon. The puzzles in the game are not necessarily that what everyone wants to play who is just lookign for a good RPG and waiting to solve them can cause some irritations. The story is brought with charisma but is not as strong as other games.

12. Golden Sun

A solid story that keeps a good momentum. The gameplay is well polished and makes playing a pleasure. The game can also be played against others by using a savegame of your team and battle those of others, in a similair fashion you can battle every monster you've ever beaten whenever you want it.

No higher because: The game never really blows out of the water, except that there is little to be found wrong about Golden Sun and it shows that it secretly a very strong game and that also goes for the gameplay. The battles take place outside of the world where the player moves around.

11. Final Fantasy VIII

A great game that you quickly into the story and almost from the beginning brings you really in touch with its characters, feeling their strife. The fantastical academic setting allows the growth that occurs in most RPGs to feel very natural.

No higher because: The fights quickly turn very repetitive because of the constant draw option that you can use and you will use it because you do not know when your magic points should be full, the opponents are outside of the world where the player moves around and battles are often pop-up out of nowhere. Sometimes you have to unexpected play with team members that you normally do not use and may have a very low level, then the player is suddenly put in an unnecessarily difficult position. The story starts very strong but lacks the dynamics at the end. The junction system lacks logic and is experienced by most players as a process that provokes trial and error. The game offers less variety in the characters than many other RPG games. The game is generally extremely easy and some battles suddenly are a lot harder, the balance seems to be gone, this is probably because the opponents are made just as strong or weak as the player regardless of the level of the character, besides that this does not work it makes the whole growth process a lot less interesting.

10. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

This powerful vampire story gives much room for personal choices giving the player real control. The atmosphere makes sure that everything is more visible and it makes sure although the gameplay isn't the best you can walk around in the World Of Shadows for a long time.

No higher because: The Battle system is certainly not what it should have been and quickly becomes annoying. The game is not suitable for the childlike players, there also is a somewhat excessive amount of blood.

9. Planescape: Torment

An unforgettable game, like the hero and his unique story. A long game that can entertain but doesn't get boring, and contagiously begs for more than one playthrough. It is one of the few role-playing games to ever promise to play your character the way you want and delivers to do so well. Well written, descriptive dialogue, and sympathetic characters.

No higher because: The menus are easy to use, but not of the level of some other games. The dialogue cannot be accelerated. The game at points could have really used more showing what happened instead of telling everything with dialogue. The battles are somewhat less well developed than some other games of this type of RPG. The game is not suitable for the childlike players.

8. Final Fantasy X

A beautiful story, the cast offers much charisma and is supported by lively voices instead of just text. Besides the main story the game offers many opportunities and entertainment. For a large part of the game, playing it is reasonable and then suddenly something happens and after this everything becomes much more interesting and for story based players that is the point where the games really comes to life. The combat system continues to develop during the game and because of this it keeps feeling new for a much longer time.

No higher because: The game only becomes very good a while after the first half of the story. The sphere grid system is fine to use once you've figured it out, but for less experienced players this process is not always fun. The battles still take place outside of the world where the player moves around.

7. Fallout

An absolute original, adult, credibly presented, attractive and coherent universe mixed with an absolutely incredible and at times funny atmosphere. The player can feel the love and devotion that is put in the game. The time pressure (the game must be completed within 500 days off in-game time, if desired can be patched to 13 years), the style and the gamplay options provide an unique experience.

No higher because: The game is not suitable for the childlike players. The game lacks in characters and opponents often some of the charisma that can be found in other games.

6. Chrono Trigger

A great game with an epic story with 14 possible endings, a lovable cast of memorable heroes and emphatic villains. The innovative combat system makes sure you will not quickly get enough of level-upping your characters. All this supported by a beautiful, haunting soundtrack. Who gives this game a chance finds out that it is a rough diamond.

No higher because: There is little to be found wrong about this game. The game does not have the best graphics but once you get used to it it is not disturbing like for example old 3D grahpics. The story is missing somewhat in impact or charisma here and there, but it is very good. The battle system when roaming for a longer time becomes a bit repetitive because of the clicking through the menus starts to prevail.

5. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Made for Star Wars fans it is an excellent game, but as great as this game is, it goes deeper than fandom, a great game for all those who are willing to try it.

No higher because: The game is less suitable for the childlike players. If you're not a Star Wars fan you will still a lot of beauty this game has.

4. The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

One of the biggest environments ever in a game combined with a great story. The results are great, the game really shines, it lets your heart beat faster.

No higher because: The game here and there lacks the charismatic design that can be found in other RPG games. The game is not suitable for the childlike players.

3. Final Fantasy VII

This game attracted the masses to the RPGs and for most players it is the best gaming experience of RPGs they have ever experienced. The story and game are brought with great style and the world always seems to be getting bigger. The battle system is thanks to the many possible materia combinations very flexible and therefore stay interesting for a very long time. Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Aeris, Tifa, these are names that are here to stay in the minds of many.

No higher because: If this was a popularity contest this game was probably first, but you would get little from that, what matters is what gives the best game playing experience, whether or not you know the game or have played it. What are the little things that do not place it in the first place? The fighting when roaming for longer times becomes repetitive and the battles take place outside of the world where the player moves around. The partly 3D graphics have quickly become outdated and are as of today no longer at a level that after some hours of play is no longer distracting. The story is only a one player experience. Remember these are only little remarks, the game is a gem.

2. Baldur's Gate II / Shadows of Amn / Throne of Bhaal

A totally fascinating story, very non-linear, in a vast world, with good tactical gameplay and clever dialogue. Here are many hours of gameplay, and they are all wonderful. The player is taken seriously and so is the world where the game takes place. The atmosphere is really to die for. The battles remain interesting, you control your team and tactics are certainly crucial at the higher levels. Combine this with great replayability and the lots of great mods that can be found in the fan community and this game will grants long game fun and a long lasting impression. The story is so well put together that whether you did or didn't play the previous installement in the series you can easily keep up with the story and certainly have just as much to enjoy. Largely recommended!

No higher because: The game is not suitable for the childlike players. The dialogues require some skill in reading the English language.

1. Secret of Mana / Seiken Densetsu II

Secret of Mana, a title that not everybody will know, but everyone who has played the game will understand why this game (or should we say living story) is praised to this extent. A great game, which features story, depth, and gameplay not only unique, but that immediately draw you into the game. Combine this with a rarity in RPG games, because you have the option of playing the entire game together with your friends. Because you really control the characters, instead of making some choices from a menu the fighting continues to be interesting. It is a giant of multiplayer fun. The various story lines, and expanded opportunities and options, that are also very simple to use, are just made for great replayability and fun. All may enjoy this game, young or old, starters and experienced players. The sprite art is not the most beautiful, but the style is timeless and helps the world come to life. If you have the chance play this game with 1 or 2 friends.

No higher because: If you've climbed the highest mountain you stand at the top.

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