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Short description In this DotA Hero Guide for Bounty Hunter - Gondar (aka Gond, BH), you'll create a Gondar that functions like a great ganker, chaser and semi-carry if you follow this build and tips.
Creators IceFrog, BuffMePlz, Guinsoo, Eul, Blizzard Entertainment (WC3)
Last Update 2010 (Still in active development)
Age 12+
Type Strategy, RPG, Team Gaming
Platform PC, Mac
Score High
Requirements Warcraft III, Reign of Chaos, Frozen Throne

Bounty Hunter - Gondar (aka Gond, BH) - Ganker / Chaser build

Gondar as a hero can hide most of the time so he can attack his enemies from the shadows and hunt them down when they try to flee, he is good in both solo and supportive ganking because he can make fleeing heroes vissible and grants more movespeed to the entire team when chasing that target. We will try to make him a deadly assassin here in this build. His Wind Walk allows you to get out of most sticky situations.

Attribute Type: Agility

Attack type: Melee

Roles: Ganker, Chaser and Semi-Carry.

Very Short Guide:

Gondar as a hero is a excellent ganker, both solo and in a supportive role, because with his Track skill he can easily follow where enemy heroes are going, he can even follow him undetected thanks to his Wind Walk ability, he also allows his team's heroes to locate the enemy's position. Gondar will roam the map preying on enemy heroes, trying to be undetected for as much time as possible. When you have tracked an enemy and you leave your wind walk state you do backstab damage and normally your critical will land as well this will do a lot of initial damage, typically Gondar and team want to damage the Tracked hero for as long as it last. If the fight will last over 10 seconds make sure to toss your Shuriken twice, once at the start or stop a channeling spell and once to land the kill. You can basically spam your ulti whenever you don't mind it breaking your wind walk state once you have enough mana and are on the offensive. When Gondar has high attack damage he is most effective, his criticals will come out much more convincing. Because he will be roaming and invisible a lot an item to heal his hit points allows him to take more risk and stay offensive longer. Gondar typically will not initiate a team fight unless you count his track ulti, he will try to kill fleeing heroes and damage heroes that have had some initial damage dealt by his allies, we will try to get out before getting major damage and secretly stay present trying to help allies or land kills. Just be careful for items such as dust, wards, and gem and Wind Walk disable heroes like Slardar and Lucifer.

Good: against fleeing heroes, even most with advanced escaping machanisms, invissible heroes, unlucky solo heroes.

Bad: against carry disablers (e.g. troll; syllabear; slithice; void; slardar), mass disablers (lion; syllabears entangle; lucifer) bad against team focus damage and nukes. Wards, Dust and Gem

Skill build: Level 1: Wind Walk, 2: Jinada, 3: Shuriken Toss, 4: Shuriken Toss, 5: Shuriken Toss, 6: track ulti, 7: Shuriken Toss, Now finish Jinada and when done get Wind Walk maxed out. Shuriken Toss and ulti have priority; for early damage and killing potential; finish with stats

Combo: (Laning Gank Spam) Track; Wind Walk; when right moment like being alone backstab hit + critical and toss a Shuriken; Wind Walk again to get out.

Combo: Wind Walk; backstab hit + critical; Track (if long battle toss a Shuriken) and keep hitting; if he tries to flee cast Track again, follow either use Wind Walk or Shuriken to finish him off, repeat if nessesary.

Item Build (Itemleri)

Starter helper items: Tangos, Bracers and Healing Salves. Magic Wand is excellent versus spammers and even without works generally well on Gondar. Scroll of town portal is always handy so buy/use it when needed.

Choose one of the three paths below:

  • Your team has more than one melee heroes and no one else will buy Vladimir, get:
    • 1. Power Threads (PT)
    • 2. Vladimir's Offering
    • 3. Stygian Desolator
    • 4. Monkey King Bar
    • 5. Butterfly
    • 6. Assualt Cuirass
  • If your prime job, even late game will probably be ganking, get:
    • 1. Power Threads (PT)
    • 2. Perseverance
    • 3. Stygian Desolator
    • 4. Battlefury
    • 5. Monkey King Bar
    • 6. Hearth of Tarrasque
    • 7. Butterfly
  • If your team needs you late game as a semi or full carry hero, get:
    • 1. Power Threads (PT)
    • 2. Perseverance
    • 3. Helm of the Dominator
    • 4. Battlefury
    • 5. Monkey King Bar
    • 6. Satanic
    • 7. Butterfly
    • 8. Assualt Cuirass / Devine Rapier

  • Situational: If the enemy has a very high disabler team or massive nukers you might want to get: Orchid Malevolence, BkB, Linken's Sphere or HoD (Hood of Defiance) -> Pipe [in build 3 possibly skip HoT or get both if still needed]

The bold parts above form the core items of this item build.


  • good ms for chasing: power threads and increase from tracking, your slow from Jinada does the rest. You can even chase in secret with Wind Walk.
  • support: your tracking skill helps anyone who's chasing or damaging targeted hero. Two out of three item build have one or more items with team auras.
  • very good escapes: good ms; wind walk; mini-stun; HoT and lifesteal help in tolerating abuse during scrimbles
  • thanks to monkey king bar functions very well against heroes with evasive protection
  • all items fit gondar well, they are good items for ganking, some are the very best recipe items he can get. The best 6 items on Gondar aren't always the same, now you can change to fit the circumstances accordingly.
  • good dps: having his Jinada in the works, with good attack speed, criticals and easy to uccumilate lots of damage; the negative armor of track does the rest; although its not enough to beat the strongest carry heroes it does very work well
  • you can't be ignored, youa re just too deadly and hard to keep track on.
  • starting items are fully useable in final item sets
  • build is not cast in stone/ flexibility: limited core items to 2 (Power Threads and either Perseverance or Vladimir's Offering) and you can get them quite early; drawbacks can be 'cured', although losing benefits of the discarded items
  • alternative and fun items


  • Gondar doesn't have his max movespeed because we are leaving BoT and Sange and Yasha out for even better items with still more synergy, it helps him getting a far easier buildup and still get more damage out and allows for Stygian Desolator often the best orb effect on Gondar, that can boost his criticals and dps beyond what they can deliver, which sooth his ganking style.
  • no evasion skills: --> cure: Butterfly
  • no disable: sometimes heroes prevent you from using wind walk --> cure: Orchid Malevolence
  • bad health: if you are targetted by multiple heroes you will need to get out fast. --> cure: Heart of Tarrasque (+ power threads offer some more)
  • very weak against disables: --> cure get Orchid Malevolence, BkB, Linken's Sphere or HoD
  • no immolation/ no splash: will be owned by image heroes
  • very expensive build: only possible with leavers or long games --> cure: alternative, cheaper build: only Power Threads and either Perseverance or Vladimir's Offering are core
  • no truesight --> cure: gem of true sight; dust of appearance; sentry wards or simply track before they become invissible

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