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Short description In this DotA Hero Guide for Earthshaker - Raigor Stonehoof (aka Earth, ES), you'll create an Earth that houses the great and dangerous combo of a stunner, initiator and nuker if you follow this build and tips.
Creators IceFrog, BuffMePlz, Harekke, Guinsoo, Eul, Blizzard Entertainment (WC3)
Last Update 2010 (Still in active development)
Age 12+
Type Strategy, RPG, Team Gaming
Platform PC, Mac
Score High
Requirements Warcraft III, Reign of Chaos, Frozen Throne

Earthshaker - Raigor Stonehoof (aka Earth, ES) - Stunner / Initiator / Nuker

Earthshaker as a hero is almost item independant and can support laners in an excellent way, blocking their escape and allies from helping them, while also damaging them badly. Its almost unfair, but it requires timing and skill to pull off, makign it hard to get proper experience and level. In team fights his stuns and nukes make it hard for any team to function properly. His spells are his core strenth. In this guide we make Earth do what he does best, initiate, stun everyone and nuke them to smithereens. Your team will love you if you play Raigor well.

Attribute Type: Strength

Attack type: Melee

Roles: stunner, initiator and nuker.

Very Short Guide:

Earthshaker is a strength hero, but his real power lies in his spells. His Fissure is his key ability and is very versatile. It deals decent damage along with a stun both with massive reach. Once you advance your play its most important feature is that it creates an impassible wall of rock for several seconds. Earth can use this to his advantage, blocking enemy movement and trapping enemy heroes away from their allies between a rock and a impassable terrain. But, never block your allies! With his ulti Echo Slam, Raigor can single-handedly level an entire team of enemies if they are foolish enough to group together closely. Aftershock boosts all your abilites so that they do a damaging stun around you as well. Enchant Totem gives Earth a significant damage boost for one attack only, perfect for for hitting once between spells or last hitting. Although he is one of the more difficult heroes to use to his full strength, he is also one of the most deadly heroes in skilled hands.

Good: barely item dependant, in team battles really helps out massively, against heroes that are temporary stronger, good laning and support possibilities. Can easily disable a few heroes for a while. Allows for very fun gameplay.

Bad: against silencers (Silencer, Drow, Lucifer, etc), mass disablers (lion; syllabears entangle; lucifer) bad against invissible targets. Requires skill to use correctly.

Skill build (very mana dependant): Level 1: Fissure, 2: Aftershock, 3: Fissure, 4: Enchant Totem, 5: Fissure, 6: Echo Slam, 7: Fissure, Now finish Aftershock and when done get Enchant Totem maxed out. Fissure and ulti have priority; for early damage and killing potential; finish with stats.

Skill build: Level 1: Fissure, 2: Stats, 3: Fissure, 4: Stats, 5: Fissure, 6: Echo Slam, 7: Fissure, 8: Aftershock, 9: Enchant Totem, Now finish Aftershock and when done get Enchant Totem maxed out. Fissure and ulti have priority; for early damage and killing potential; finish with stats.

Versatile Combo: (Laning Gank Spam) Land Fissure so that the enemy can't easily escape (like from the jungle); Use Dagger to jump in (, use Arcane Ring if available) Echo Slam, Enchant Totem (+ 1 hit if doable), Shiva's Guard, if available use Refresher Orb and Echo Slam, Fissure or Enchant Totem (+ 1 hit if doable). Sometimes use Dagger again to get out or chase a enemy, Boots of Travel also helps when you are behind a tree or something.

Item Build (Itemleri)

Starter helper items: Tangos, Bracers and Healing Salves. Magic Wand is excellent versus spammers and even without works generally well on Earth. Scroll of town portal is always handy so buy/use it when needed.

Choose one of the two paths below:

  • The enemy has silencers or mass disablers, get:
    • 1. Boots
    • 2. Bottle
    • 3. Kelen's Dagger
    • 4. Shiva's Guard
    • 5. Boots of Travel
    • 6. Heart of Tarrasque
    • 7. Aghanim's Scepter
    • Sell Bottle
    • 8. Assualt Cuirass
  • The enemy has no silencers or mass disablers, get:
    • 1. Boots
    • 2. Arcane Ring
    • 3. Kelen's Dagger
    • 4. Refresher Orb
    • 5. Shiva's Guard
    • 6. Boots of Travel
    • 7. Aghanim's Scepter
    • Sell Arcane Ring
    • 8. Assualt Cuirass

  • Situational: If the enemy has a very high disabler team or massive nukers you might want to get: BkB or Linken's Sphere

The bold parts above form the core items of this item build. Aghanim's Scepter replaces Bottle or Arcane Ring later on if the game lasts that long


  • nice ms to move in and out: boots of travel and dagger help you to get in and out fast.
  • support: your stuns keep a whole team down for a while, and all in all some massive nuke damage, shiva's guard makes it hard for them to escape and assault cuirass helps in late game team bouts.
  • good escapes possibilities: good ms (BoT); Dagger and defensive stuns
  • good magic damage to a single target but just as easily to multiple targets.
  • good stun disables you can hit multiple targets easily.
  • decent health: strength growth + HoT.
  • image heroes will not like Enchant Totem
  • his items help in getting the maximum number of spells out and help him move in and out quickly helping him to land them more effectively and more often.
  • you can't be ignored, you are just too much of a nuisance in team battles and ganking, actually most team battles willb e decided by your skills.
  • build is not cast in stone/ flexibility: limited core items to 2 (Bottle or Arcane and Dagger) and you can get them quite early; drawbacks can be 'cured', although losing benefits of the discarded items
  • Very fun items and skills, you can literarly spam the hell out of your abilities and items in team battles


  • some items will be sold in some rare extremely long lasting games, in the end this basically always happens, you have to keep improving for as long you can
  • bad dps: his spells are his power not his melee attacks, you still do masive damage every second just not by hitting them. Don't try to fix this, his spells are far to good, they should be able to be used as much as possible.
  • no evasion skills: --> cure: Butterfly, thrust me don't do it. :)
  • very weak against silencers: --> cure get BkB, Linken's Sphere
  • very expensive build: only possible with leavers or long games --> cure: alternative, cheaper build: only Bottle or Arcane Ring and Dagger are core
  • no truesight --> cure: gem of true sight; dust of appearance; sentry wards

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