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Short description In this DotA Hero Guide for Lich - Kel'thuzad, build Lich into an unstoppable support hero and nuker that goes around as a battle turner if you follow this build and tips.
Creators IceFrog, BuffMePlz, Harekke, Guinsoo, Eul, Blizzard Entertainment (WC3)
Last Update 2010 (Still in active development)
Age 12+
Type Strategy, RPG, Team Gaming
Platform PC, Mac
Score High
Requirements Warcraft III, Reign of Chaos, Frozen Throne

Lich - Kel'thuzad - Semi-Carry / Ganker

Lich Kel'thuzad was the elite magical of the Lich King. His icy powers, cause tremendous pain in its wake. Ever see one hero make pulp of an entire enemy team, frostbite all over the place? Welcome to one of Lich's finest abilities; Chain Frost! If Lich manages to gank an enemy team, chances are they have to go refill or die at the spot. Here we will try to max out his potential as both a supportive hero and hardcore battle turner and driving force in the game.

Attribute Type: Intelligence

Attack type: Ranged

Roles: Support and Team-Nuker.

Very Short Guide:

Lich's combination of easy mana gain and creep denying and nuking options make him an excellent early game laner and he will out-nuke most heroes. He can easily maintain a solo lane often even versus two enemy heroes if you know how to keep the battle around your tower. His ulti makes him invaluable in team clashes. His Frost Armor helps him support his allies and avoid some damage when targeted, you can put it on autocast later on. Since Chain Frost is such a powerful attack you want to use it most effectively and normally this means using it on as much targets as possible, preferably on hero targets only, but it clears waves of creeps easily for example before refilling your health at the base or shopping. Lich can farm really fast if his health keeps up, this helps him getting ahead in gold and quality items. Babysit your allies and turn the battle in team clashes with your massive magic damage.

Good: simple to learn, much to master. Item independant. Can do extremely big damage in team clashes, very good laning capabilities. Can out nuke most heroes. Allows a supportive role but is great in suprise ganking or battle joining. He really is a battle turner. Can support the team very well, but sometimes lands a tripple kill by joining a team clash that started without him, by only casting his ulti.

Bad: low hp and because of his nuking powers he is often a most wanted target not the best situation to be in if you want to survive. Not good against silencers (Silencer, Drow, Lucifer, etc), mass disablers (lion; syllabears entangle; lucifer).

Skill build: Level 1: Dark Ritual, 2: Frost Nova, 3: Frost Nova, 4: Dark Ritual, 5: Frost Nova, 6: Chain Frost, 7: Frost Nova, Now finish Dark Ritual and when done get Frost Armor maxed out. Frost Nova and Chain Frost have priority; for early damage and killing potential, but Dark Ritual enables you to deny creeps easily so that enemy suffers experience loss; finish with the rest of the stats. If you want to do Roshan in at level 1 with your team, get Frost Armor.

Laning Combo: cast frost nova on the enemy that has bad refill/regeneration options, use Dark Ritual on your own creep, and repeat as often as possible, really spam nuke that hero so he has to go refill at base or if he is daring to stay use Chain Frost to kill him off. Use Euls if they try to gank you or, someone is almost killed but your spells are still a bit on cooldown, but remeber it also buys them time.

Team Clash: Frost nova on enemy, Dark Ritual, Chain Frost, if you have refresher orb use it now, repeat what you did before. If the enemy survives and you can't kill it right away use Euls on him, if your team can kill him and a second target is trying to get away use euls on him. If the enemy has a carry or hard nuker use euls on him when he's not your first target. Also you can use it on yourself if you are the target to buy some time for your allies to save you.

Item Build (Itemleri)

Starter helper items: If you will babysit a carry, start with a Chicken, tangoes and branches. Share your chicken (not recommended at pubs). Else start with ring of regeneration. Due to his item-independence, he is also a common warder. Scroll of town portal is always handy so buy/use it when needed.

Follow the path below:

  • 1. Headress
  • 2. Boots
  • 3. Mekansm
  • 4. Boots of Travel
  • 5. Aghanim's Scepter
  • 6. Get two of these options:
    • The enemy always targets you first in team fights: Eul's Scepter of Divinity (use it on self or on single chaser)
    • You are free to cast all your spells in most team fights: Refresher Orb
    • Need a counter for hard disabler, escape-blinker or invisible hero: Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse
    • You can't survive any combat or can't find the right timing for your ulti: Lothar's Edge
    • Otherwise, get: Shiva's Guard
  • 7. Eye of Skadi

  • Situational: If the enemy has a very high disabler team or massive nukers you might still want to get: Orchid Malevolence, Hearth of Tarrasque or Linken's Sphere

The bold parts above form the core items of this item build.


  • excellent lane control and with Boots of Travel map control.
  • nice ms to move in and out and use nukes effectively: Boots of Travel boosts speed beyond that of most heroes.
  • support: your nukes and disable skills make it hard to play against you, let alone if you heal your carry with mekansm.
  • powerful team clash nukes: his ulti and Frost attacks do so much damage that most team battles will be determined by them
  • decent escape possibilities: you are fast and can use Euls or Guinsoo when someone comes close. And it's easy to improve it a lot by buying Lothar
  • Very high damage from ulti.
  • great team clash hero.
  • can farm very fast
  • item independant.
  • you can't be ignored, in fact you are often the hero everyone wants to kill, but if you babysitted your carry well, no one can do that at least not without it being too costly, for example 2 heroes death versus one. You are just too deadly.
  • build is not cast in stone/ flexibility: limited core items to 2 items (Mekanasm and Boots of Travel) and you can get them reasonably early; drawbacks can be 'cured', although losing benefits of the discarded items
  • very fun items and skills, you can literarly kill some heroes by the push of a button and land double kills and up with proper timing


  • lacks a stun --> cure: Cranium Basher (Don't do it!)
  • no standard evasion skills: --> cure: Butterfly (Don't do it!)
  • paper thin max hp: --> cure: Hearth of Tarrasque
  • low dps, --> cure: Eye of Skadi, Orchid Malevolence, Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse
  • weak against heroes with magic protection, ressistance or very high hp: --> Guinsoo, Orchid Malevolence
  • very expensive build: only possible with leavers or long games --> cure: alternative, cheaper build: only Mekanasm and Boots of Travel are core
  • no truesight --> cure: gem of true sight; dust of appearance; sentry wards

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