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Short description In this DotA Hero Guide for Mogul Kahn - Axe (Mogul Kahnt Touch This) you'll forge Axe into a highly effective tank and battle starter that can flexibly handle almost all circumstances.
Creators IceFrog, BuffMePlz, Guinsoo, Eul, Blizzard Entertainment (WC3)
Last Update 2010 (Still in active development)
Age 12+
Type Strategy, RPG, Team Gaming
Platform PC, Mac
Score High
Requirements Warcraft III, Reign of Chaos, Frozen Throne

Mogul Kahn - Axe - Effective Tank / Flexible Tank build

Axe as a hero can be a very effective Tank, he is good in team battle initiator because he can do some good starting damage and make the enemy unable to flee. We will try to max his potential as a Tank while adapting to the specific game situation you are in.

Attribute Type: Strength

Attack type: Melee

Roles: Tank and Battle Initiater.

Very Short Guide:

Axe as a hero is a very good tank. Tanks are heroes that are not easily killed because they can simply handle a lot of damage (good armor, massive hp pool, etc.). So to kill tanking heroes, players try to gang up on them with a team or with allied creeps, this is where Axe and his Counter Helix skill will shine, because it will damage every attacker or enemy bystander close to him every time that it goes off. So the enemy can just choose to ignore him and kill other heroes first like you can try to do with other tanks? Wrong, because with his Calling skill (Berserker's Call) he can force nearby enemies to attack him, and thus cannot be ignored, something that makes any tank way more effective. With Axe high armor when this skill is activated, this will not only waste their valuable time, but since Axe's other skill counter helix will activate it will also inflict massive to mediocre damage (depending on enemy heroes and lateness in the game). Now Axe can be the key initiator of any team fight if he has a method of getting into the action without getting spotted too soon and can activate his Calling skill, before the real battle starts, the Dagger item is the cheapest way to achieve this. Since Axe's role is to get damage he needs some items that help him survive, for example maximize or refill his health.

Good: against melee heroes, against heroes that hit closely and fast, works well against heroes with low hp pools, good against team focus damage. Axe is an outstanding jungle hero, once he own a regenration item.

Bad: against magic damage (counter helix won't work), full carries with (e.g. mortred; lanaya; troll; syllabear; slithice; sven; void; phantom lancer), mass disablers (lion; syllabears entangle;) and Lifestealers (Broodmother, Naix, Sata-item, etc.).

Skill build: Level 1: Counter Helix, 2: Berserker's Call (calling). Counter Helix and Calling have priority; both need to be maxed out for full potential; take Culling Blade when possible, now take Battle Hunger and finish with stats. When laning against heroes who keep their distance and do not have good refill options, it is often a good tactic to skill Battle Hunger early on.

Combo: Dagger, Calling (Blade Mail / Shiva's Guard); the one with the least chance to stay/survive gets Battle Hunger; ulti the one that hits below 300/450/625 hp --> hopefully kill; continue or get out; if possible use dagger to move out of sticky situations

Combo: Give Battle Hunger to a Hero with some damage on him, if he wants to stop the Battle Hunger he eneds to kill a creep/hero so chances are he will get closer or run. If he runs Daggar, Calling (Blade Mail / Shiva's Guard); ulti if he hits below 300/450/625 hp. If he stays use Calling (Blade Mail / Shiva's Guard) and finish him off with Dagger, Culling Blade.

Item Build (Itemleri)

Starter helper items: Tangos, Stouts, and Branches. Healing Salves are highly discouraged due to the fact that Axe is at his best when he's right in the middle of the fray, and being able to regenerate health through the heat of battle. Scroll of town portal is always handy so buy/use it when needed.

  • First take a look at our enemies. 1. Enemies are mostly magic damage based, get:
    • HoD (Hood of Defiance) -> 4b. Pipe (Khadgar's Pipe of Insight)
  • 1. Else:
    • Vanguard
  • 2. Boots of Speed -> 3b. Phase Boots / Power Treads (PT) [test which one you like best, both recommended over Boots of Travel (BoT)]
  • 3. Dagger
  • 4. HoT (Hearth of Terrasque) [it is optional to sell vanguard to complete HoT making it much easier to buy this item fast, but its not always smart to do]
  • Here again, we take a look at our enemies. 5. Does the enemy has at least one good attack damage dps hero, get:
    • Blade Mail
  • 5. Else, get:
    • Shiva's Guard
  • 6. Now if you did not get any of the optional items you'll still have a free spot. Either get a extra HoT or take a look at the optional items.
  • 7. You might really want to drop Vanguard now if you have it, at this stage with the good armor you have another HoT or getting one of the optional items might be way more effective. If you still have HoD and you did not turn it into Pipe yet, chances are you do not need magic protection that much anymore. It's up to you to consider if picking up an extra HoT or an optional item will be better, don't forget to take any would be magic damage based enemy items into this consideration.
  • Situational items:
    • You have no real dps heroes later in the game and nobody has (or is is going to get) radiance, get: Radiance (Rad) [if somehow you do not like Dagger on Axe, which is a big miss because it is probably the best item on him, an early game Radiance also helps Axe play his tank role better, because he'd be very hard to ignore having 40 dps in the area around him.]
    • Nobody in your team has (or is is going to get) Assault Cuirass, get: Assault Cuirass (AC)
    • The enemy disables you in team fights [try to avoid this by using Dagger to get into the action followed by your Calling skill and only if you really can't land it], get: Bkb (Black King Bar)
    • This one is pretty rare, but becomes viable in some cases where you want to use Axe mainly as a supporter, when the biggest part of your team is melee heroes and nobody has (or is is going to get) Vlad, get: Vlad

The bold parts above form the core items of this item build.


  • very flexible item build, possibly the best item build in many situations, so this allows Axe to function very well in just as many situations
  • team battle initiator: when Axe has a way to iniate the fight, like his Dagger/Calling combi, he can really give a big head start in team battles.
  • great health: Heart of Tarrasque(s) (+ power threads offer some more) additional str = also additional damage, but more importantly more damage to return (Calling + Blade Mail) and more time for counter helix to do its business.
  • good survival: Vanguard or HoD, HoT (or 2), calling (armor up), Balde Mail or Shiva's Guard and sometimes the option to use dagger to flee.
  • disable: Calling
  • very good versus images, and other multiple attackers at the same time
  • natural counter attack
  • Axe can take focused damage, just make it worthwhile so that your team is focussing on an enemy hero who can't take focused damage, chances are he will die way before you do.
  • perfect tank, he can force the enemy to attack him.
  • build is not cast in stone/ flexibility: limited core items to 2 (HoT and Dagger); drawbacks can be 'cured', although losing benefits of the discarded items
  • alternative and fun items and recipes


  • Axe inflicts his damage when the enemy hits him, so he needs them to focus on him. --> cure: calling.
  • Low dps on attacking enemies that do not hit back
  • Axe isn't a dps hero by himself, don't expect to own everyone late game.
  • weak against disables. --> cure: use calling with dagger before they can disable or get BkB
  • does not function well against heroes with massive magic damage --> cure: use calling on them so they can't cast on you, get Hod and continue it into Pipe.
  • weak against heroes with the combination of both high damage on each hit and high lifesteal. --> cure: initiate the fight (Dagger + Calling) now activate Balde Mail and have your team mates finish them off, if stubborn have them disable them so they can't hit anyone for a while.
  • very expensive build: only possible with leavers or long games --> cure: alternative, cheaper build: only Dagger and HoT are core
  • no truesight --> cure: gem of true sight; dust of appearance; sentry wards

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[ 2011-02-10 ] :: Hycut
Nice tips. Do you think axe will run out of mana with this build without mana regen items while he\'s still on a lower level?
[ 2010-06-18 ] :: BuffAndThough
I\\\'ve recently been playing Centaur mostly, but I love this Axe, I\\\'ve tried it and tried it, it\\\'s really crisp and concise. Awesome sauce!

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