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Short description In this DotA Hero Guide for Spiritbreaker - Barathrum (aka Bara or SB), you'll create a Bara that functions like a true spirit breaker and ganker initiator if you follow this build and tips.
Creators IceFrog, BuffMePlz, Guinsoo, Eul, Blizzard Entertainment (WC3)
Last Update 2010 (Still in active development)
Age 12+
Type Strategy, RPG, Team Gaming
Platform PC, Mac
Score High
Requirements Warcraft III, Reign of Chaos, Frozen Throne

Spiritbreaker - Barathrum (aka Bara or SB) - Spirit Breaker / Gank Initiator build

Bara as a hero can chase most heroes down, he is good in supportive ganking because he can stop fleeing heroes and give visuals on the target to the entire team (while charging). We will try to max his potential here in this build. His bash helps getting enemies out of their normal sequence.

Attribute Type: Strength

Attack type: Melee

Roles: Ganker and Chaser.

Very Short Guide:

Bara as a hero is a good ganker, especially in a supportive role, because with his Charge skill he can easily follow where enemy heroes are going and allow the other team heroes to locate it's position. When the stun of the charge has taken effect there is some time to damage your enemy, typically Bara and team want to damage rapidly in this period and have the enemy try to flee once the stun wears off. Bara's bashes and decent attack damage help in making heroes who hesitate to flee convinced to do so fast. Now his ulti comes into play because it allows you to catch up with your foe and finish him off. When Bara has good move speed he also inflicts more damage, when Bara has good attack speed he has more chance in getting his bashes done. So charging in, stunning and follow up using items such as Mask of Madness will also inflict massive to mediocre damage (depending on enemy heroes and lateness in the game), however this requires not getting disabled in the process. Now Bara can be the key initiator of any team fight, one way is to use his charge of darkness, this is explained before, but he can also start with his ulti this will bash the enemy in the direction from which you came, making it possible to hit him towards your team, careful timing is essential because it could also place you inside the enemy team. Since Bara's role is to gank or initiate he needs some way to do damage quickly and hopefully get out without giving the enemy a proper chance to kill him. When a hero is damaged and attempts to flee, Bara's charge and ulti make him a good hero to follow that hero and finish him off, just be careful it's not a trap and make sure you have a way out, to survive it.

Good: against fleeing heroes, without advanced escaping machanisms

Bad: against full carries (e.g. mortred; lanaya; troll; syllabear; slithice; sven; void; phantom lancer), mass disablers (lion; syllabears entangle;) bad against team focus damage.

Skill build: Level 1: Empowering Haste, 2: Greater Bash, 3: Empowering Haste, 4: Charge of Darkness, 5: Empowering Haste, 6: Nether Strike ulti, 7: Empowering Haste, Now finish Charge and when done get Greater Bash maxed out. Empowering Haste and ulti have priority; for dps and killing potential; finish with stats

Combo: Charge; MoM (and Armlet); when stun wears off or disablers are near BKB; ulti the one that tries to flee with Nether strike --> hopefully kill; continue or get out; use MoM again when not targeted to run away faster

Combo: Nether Strike; BKB; hit; Charge (abort channeling by reclicking target); MoM (and Armlet); --> hopefully kill; continue or get out; use MoM again when not targeted to run away faster

Item Build (Itemleri)

Starter helper items: Tangos, Bracers and Healing Salves. Scroll of town portal is always handy so buy/use it when needed.

Choose one of the three paths below:

  • Enemies have very few or none disable spells and you are not the initiator, get:
    • 1. Power Threads (PT)
    • 2. MoM (Mask of Madness)
    • 3. Armlet of Mordiggian
  • Enemies have little to mediocre disable spells, get:
    • 1. Power Threads (PT)
    • 2. MoM (Mask of Madness)
    • 3. Crystalis -> 4b. / 5b (order decided by your survivability) Buriza (Buriza-do-Kyanon)
  • Enemies have many to very many disable spells, or you will do much initiating in team fights, get:
    • 1. Power Threads (PT)
    • 2. MoM (Mask of Madness)
    • 3. Bkb (Black King Bar)

Choose one of the three paths below:

  • How are you doing? Are you the main target in most team clashes, get:
    • 4. HoT (Hearth of Terrasque)
    • 5. If not somebody else (in most cases foolishly) insisted on getting Assault Cuirass instead, get: Assault Cuirass. Else get: Mkb (Monkey King Bar)
  • If not somebody else (in most cases foolishly) insisted on getting Assault Cuirass instead, get:
    • 4. Assault Cuirass
    • 5. HoT (Hearth of Terrasque)
  • Assault Cuirass is already used in a teammate's build, get:
    • 4. Mkb (Monkey King Bar)
    • 5. HoT (Hearth of Terrasque)

  • 6. This is if you still have room in your item slots. Now you will have missed some items in the build because you took one of the paths. Here you can choose once more if you should get something you had to branch past in the way through this build or even a situational item.
    • If you are missing a Bkb and are now still chain disabled by enemy items and skills, get: Bkb
    • If you are facing a big attack based dps enemy get: Blade Mail
    • If you are missing Mkb and are facing heroes with channeling skills or are facing a enemy with miss or evasion skills or items, get: Mkb
    • If you are missing a Buriza and are free to move around without getting dps to death or disabled, get: Buriza
    • In the rare case that your dps doesn't really mean much anymore at this stage and other team members have very big dps, chose to support their kills with your ulti, get: Aghanim scepter
  • Situational: If the enemy has a very high magic based damage ratio you might want to get: HoD (Hood of Defiance) -> Pipe [possibly skip HoT or get both if still needed]

The bold parts above form the core items of this item build.


  • very fast ms: power threads (+ MoM 20%) and skill based increase and option to charge;
  • support: movespeed aura, charging heroes can help chasing feeling heroes or stunning them so the team can its work, its ulti can work in the same way, his charge can also make invisible heroes visible, Assault Cuirass helping the whole team with its aura and increasing the possibilty to bash.
  • decent health: Heart of Tarrasque (+ power threads offer some more) additional str = also additional damage
  • good escapes/survival: good ms; extra movespeed with MoM; Charge stun; HoT and lifesteal help in tolerating abuse during scrimbles
  • good escapes/survival: fast ms; images; windwalk; soulburn silence; and earthquake passive; heart and vladimir help in tolerating abuse during scrimbles
  • disable: charge and bash often (good Attack Speed)
  • natural bash
  • all items fit bara well, every item in his normal build helps him in every scenario, only the very best recipe items tend to that.
  • reasonable dps: having both his movement and bashes in the works, with good attack speed and movement speed; the negative armor aura and damage items do the rest; although its not comparable to carry heroes it does work well.
  • starting items are fully useable in final item sets
  • build is not cast in stone/ flexibility: limited core items to 2 (Power Treads and Mask of Madness) and you can get them quite early; drawbacks can be 'cured', although losing benefits of the discarded items
  • alternative and fun items


  • Bara doesn't have his max movespeed because we are leaving BoT and Sange and Yasha out for even better items with still more synergy, but it helps in getting a far easier buildup and still get more damage out and allows for MoM often the best orb effect on Bara, that for a short time can boost his speed beyond what they can deliver.
  • Bara isn't a tank eventhough his Assault Cuirass and HoT help him in this area he still can't take any focussed damage.
  • Bara isn't a true carry or dps hero, he has his feats in this area but lacks that what a true carry does provide. If you have buriza late game it will still be relevant, just not great. If you really want it there is always Devine Rapier, but it is just risky business.
  • no evasion skills.
  • weak against disables: --> cure get Bkb
  • does not function well against heroes with evasive protection --> cure: get monkey king bar
  • no immolation/ no splash: will be owned by image heroes
  • very expensive build: only possible with leavers or long games --> cure: alternative, cheaper build: only Power threads and MoM are core
  • no truesight --> cure: gem of true sight; dust of appearance; sentry wards

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[ 2010-06-18 ] :: CounterChicken
Skill build is really pro. Never seen this mix of items, it makes a lot of sense though Bara has a lot of potential. Will try this asap!

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