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Short description In this DotA Hero Guide for Ursa Warrior - Ulfsaar (aka Fuzzy Wuzzy) you'll discover an Ursa that functions like a true escape artist and antimage if you follow this build and tips.
Creators IceFrog, BuffMePlz, Guinsoo, Eul, Blizzard Entertainment (WC3)
Last Update 2010 (Still in active development)
Age 12+
Type Strategy, RPG, Team Gaming
Platform PC, Mac
Score High
Requirements Warcraft III, Reign of Chaos, Frozen Throne

Ulfsaar Ursa Warrior (aka Fuzzy Wuzzy) - Escape Artist / Antimage build

Ursa is a good but situational semi-carry; that offers some flexibility and has jungling potential once core is farmed with a very limited operating scope and troubles to engage and surprise enemy heroes, as well as having no disable or magic immunity; in this build we try new things to have fun without losing too much efficacy. In this build we mix things up considerably and try to use ursa against mages; as an alternative antimage aswell as adding some survivability and support roles.

Ursa does sacrifice somewhat of his two normal roles: Tank and Carry (Dps), but even then he's still strong in those fields.

Attribute Type: Agility

Attack type: Melee

New roles: Ganker and Antimage.

Very Short Guide:

Lane: with a partner; preferably with good lanecontrol

After vladimir you are able to Roshan

After lothar's edge: you are able to surprise gank single heroes; gank in team (one disabler/basher/stunner) against multiple heroes

Lothar and phase boots to cut-in to battle

Orchid to disable disablers/stunners or save allies.

Good: against heroes, without escape mechanism

Bad: against full carries (e.g. mortred; lanaya; troll; syllabear; slithice; slardar; void; phantom lancer), bashers (troll; barathrum; slardar; void; syllabears entangle; cranium basher users); bad against team situations (syllabear + bear; slithice; chaos knight; phantom lancer; chen the holyknight; mantastyle; dirge)

Skill build: fury swipes and overpower have priority; for roshaning and dps; take enrage whenever possible; then earthshock and finish with stats

Combo: overpower; windwalk; soulburn/enrage; earthshock/phase; overpower --> hopefully kill; windwalk/phase out

Item Build (Itemleri)

  • Start: (poor man shield) and 1 STAT branch
  • 1. ror
  • 2. boots of speed
  • 3. sobi mask
  • 4. ring of protection (sobi + rop = (ring of basilius))
  • 5. vladimir recipe
  • 6. mask of death --> vladimir's offering complete
  • 7. claws of attack
  • 8. claws of attack --> complete phase boots
  • 9. boots of elven skin
  • 10. blade of alactrity
  • 11. yasha recipe --> (yasha completed)
  • 12. claymore
  • 13. quarterstaff
  • 14. lothar's edge recipe --> complete lothar's edge
  • 15. vitality booster
  • 16. messerschmid's reaver
  • Sell poor man's shield
  • 17. heart of tarrasque recipe --> complete heart of tarrasque
  • 18. ultimate orb
  • 19. manta style recipe --> complete manta style
  • 20. 3*sobi mask
  • 21. 3*robe of the magi
  • 22. 3*quarter staff --> complete orchid malevolence

The bold parts above form the core items of this item build.


  • good non orb starting items: poor man shield: offers protection against (ranged) dps heroes and allows for 6 agi
  • very fast ms: phaseboots + phase 10%; yasha/manta style 10%; lothar's edge 20%
  • support: vladimir's offering for anti-dpsers/tanks and neutralling/ roshan; team fights; soulburn silence + amplify damage
  • decent health: heart of tarrasque (+ mantastyle offer some 1200) additional hp = also 72 additional damage
  • good escapes/survival: fast ms; images; windwalk; soulburn silence; and earthquake passive; heart and vladimir help in tolerating abuse during scrimbles
  • disable: soulburn
  • reasonable dps: phaseboots; vladimir's offering; yasha/manta style; lothar's edge; orchid malevolence and heart of tarrasque all add up to reasonable dps; although far less than a ursa dps build or even a ursa tank build. --> soulburn damage does amplify
  • easy build up of items: only heart of tarasque needs secret shop to build
  • build is not cast in stone/ flexibility: limited core items to 2; drawbacks can be 'cured', although losing benefits of the discarded items
  • good mana regeneration: vladimir's offering/ manta style and especially orchid malevolence; skills, phase, windwalk and images are spammable
  • alternative and fun items


  • starting items are fully wasted in final item sets --> cure: start with ring of basilius
  • ursa is not mana dependant: too much mana regeneration items are bought
  • a not so beefy ursa/ no tanking ability --> cure: stack more heart of tarasques and/or assault cuirass; replace phaseboots with powertreads (STR)
  • a not so dpsing ursa (not even half of the item-dependant dps that could be obtained for this money without even using divine rapier) --> cure: go full dps items: divine rapier; monkey king bar and buriza do kanyon
  • no evasion, nor disable skills: will be permabashed; destroyed by dps-ing/bashing full carries --> cure: get butterfly and/or eul's scepter of divinity (tornado) and/or guinsoo scythe of the vise (hex)
  • no bashing ability --> cure: get cranium basher
  • weak against % based heroes: enigma; naix; necromancer, huskar and blademail --> cure get blademail: damage returen; and/or armour (naix); get hood of defiance/pipe and/or black king bar (huskar; enigma; necromancer; blademail)
  • does not function well against heroes with evasive protection --> cure: get monkey king bar
  • no immolation/ no splash: will be owned by image heroes --> cure get radiance or battlefury
  • very, very expensive build: only possible with leavers --> cure: alternative, cheaper build: only vladimir's offering and lothar's edge are core
  • weak to gangbang/true sight/disable spammers --> cure: black king bar and linken's sphere
  • no truesight --> cure: necromicon warriors lvl 3; gem of true sight; dust of appearance; sentry wards

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[ 2010-04-22 ] :: Frog
well written, analytic but consise, out of the box thinking! will give it a try.

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