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Korte beschrijving In deze DotA Hero Guide voor Ursa Warrior - Ulfsaar (aka Fuzzy Wuzzy) vind je een Ursa die functioneerd als een ware escape artist en antimage als je deze build en tips volgt.
Makers IceFrog, BuffMePlz, Guinsoo, Eul, Blizzard Entertainment (WC3)
Laatste Update 2010 (Nog altijd actief in ontwikkeling)
Leeftijd 12+
Type Strategy, RPG, Team Gaming
Platform PC, Mac
Score Hoog
Benodigdheden Warcraft III, Reign of Chaos, Frozen Throne

Ulfsaar Ursa Warrior (aka Fuzzy Wuzzy) - Escape Artist / Antimage build

Ursa is a good but situational semi-carry; that offers some flexibility and has jungling potential once core is farmed with a very limited operating scope and troubles to engage and surprise enemy heroes, as well as having no disable or magic immunity; in this build we try new things to have fun without losing too much efficacy. In this build we mix things up considerably and try to use ursa against mages; as an alternative antimage aswell as adding some survivability and support roles.

Ursa does sacrifice somewhat of his two normal roles: Tank and Carry (Dps), but even then he's still strong in those fields.

Attribute Type: Agility

Attack type: Melee

New roles: Ganker and Antimage.

Very Short Guide:

Lane: with a partner; preferably with good lanecontrol

After vladimir you are able to Roshan

After lothar's edge: you are able to surprise gank single heroes; gank in team (one disabler/basher/stunner) against multiple heroes

Lothar and phase boots to cut-in to battle

Orchid to disable disablers/stunners or save allies.

Good: against heroes, without escape mechanism

Bad: against full carries (e.g. mortred; lanaya; troll; syllabear; slithice; slardar; void; phantom lancer), bashers (troll; barathrum; slardar; void; syllabears entangle; cranium basher users); bad against team situations (syllabear + bear; slithice; chaos knight; phantom lancer; chen the holyknight; mantastyle; dirge)

Skill build: fury swipes and overpower have priority; for roshaning and dps; take enrage whenever possible; then earthshock and finish with stats

Combo: overpower; windwalk; soulburn/enrage; earthshock/phase; overpower --> hopefully kill; windwalk/phase out

Item Build (Itemleri)

  • Start: (poor man shield) and 1 STAT branch
  • 1. ror
  • 2. boots of speed
  • 3. sobi mask
  • 4. ring of protection (sobi + rop = (ring of basilius))
  • 5. vladimir recipe
  • 6. mask of death --> vladimir's offering complete
  • 7. claws of attack
  • 8. claws of attack --> complete phase boots
  • 9. boots of elven skin
  • 10. blade of alactrity
  • 11. yasha recipe --> (yasha completed)
  • 12. claymore
  • 13. quarterstaff
  • 14. lothar's edge recipe --> complete lothar's edge
  • 15. vitality booster
  • 16. messerschmid's reaver
  • Sell poor man's shield
  • 17. heart of tarrasque recipe --> complete heart of tarrasque
  • 18. ultimate orb
  • 19. manta style recipe --> complete manta style
  • 20. 3*sobi mask
  • 21. 3*robe of the magi
  • 22. 3*quarter staff --> complete orchid malevolence

The bold parts above form the core items of this item build.


  • good non orb starting items: poor man shield: offers protection against (ranged) dps heroes and allows for 6 agi
  • very fast ms: phaseboots + phase 10%; yasha/manta style 10%; lothar's edge 20%
  • support: vladimir's offering for anti-dpsers/tanks and neutralling/ roshan; team fights; soulburn silence + amplify damage
  • decent health: heart of tarrasque (+ mantastyle offer some 1200) additional hp = also 72 additional damage
  • good escapes/survival: fast ms; images; windwalk; soulburn silence; and earthquake passive; heart and vladimir help in tolerating abuse during scrimbles
  • disable: soulburn
  • reasonable dps: phaseboots; vladimir's offering; yasha/manta style; lothar's edge; orchid malevolence and heart of tarrasque all add up to reasonable dps; although far less than a ursa dps build or even a ursa tank build. --> soulburn damage does amplify
  • easy build up of items: only heart of tarasque needs secret shop to build
  • build is not cast in stone/ flexibility: limited core items to 2; drawbacks can be 'cured', although losing benefits of the discarded items
  • good mana regeneration: vladimir's offering/ manta style and especially orchid malevolence; skills, phase, windwalk and images are spammable
  • alternative and fun items


  • starting items are fully wasted in final item sets --> cure: start with ring of basilius
  • ursa is not mana dependant: too much mana regeneration items are bought
  • a not so beefy ursa/ no tanking ability --> cure: stack more heart of tarasques and/or assault cuirass; replace phaseboots with powertreads (STR)
  • a not so dpsing ursa (not even half of the item-dependant dps that could be obtained for this money without even using divine rapier) --> cure: go full dps items: divine rapier; monkey king bar and buriza do kanyon
  • no evasion, nor disable skills: will be permabashed; destroyed by dps-ing/bashing full carries --> cure: get butterfly and/or eul's scepter of divinity (tornado) and/or guinsoo scythe of the vise (hex)
  • no bashing ability --> cure: get cranium basher
  • weak against % based heroes: enigma; naix; necromancer, huskar and blademail --> cure get blademail: damage returen; and/or armour (naix); get hood of defiance/pipe and/or black king bar (huskar; enigma; necromancer; blademail)
  • does not function well against heroes with evasive protection --> cure: get monkey king bar
  • no immolation/ no splash: will be owned by image heroes --> cure get radiance or battlefury
  • very, very expensive build: only possible with leavers --> cure: alternative, cheaper build: only vladimir's offering and lothar's edge are core
  • weak to gangbang/true sight/disable spammers --> cure: black king bar and linken's sphere
  • no truesight --> cure: necromicon warriors lvl 3; gem of true sight; dust of appearance; sentry wards

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[ 2010-04-22 ] :: Frog
well written, analytic but consise, out of the box thinking! will give it a try.

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