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Korte beschrijving Defense of the Ancients beter bekent als DotA (Allstars) is een Warcraft III custom scenario (player generated) map die zodanig in populariteit is gestegen dat het de meeste gespeelde toernooi map van WC3 is.
Makers IceFrog, BuffMePlz, Guinsoo, Eul, Blizzard Entertainment (WC3)
Laatste Update 2012 (Nog altijd actief in ontwikkeling)
Leeftijd 12+
Type Strategy, RPG, Team Gaming
Platform PC, Mac
Score Hoog
Benodigdheden Warcraft III, Reign of Chaos, Frozen Throne

Lijst van DotA Heroes die onzichtbaar of invisible kunnen worden, algemene tactieken met onzichtbare heroes en items die onzichtbaarheid geven. Lijst van anti-onzichtbare heroes, items en tactieken.

DotA Invisible Heroes List and Tactics. This article has included the DotA 2 name changes where needed.

List of DotA Heroes that can be Invisible:

  • Bone Fletcher / Clinkz: Wind Walk / Skeleton Walk
  • Bounty Hunter / Gondar: Wind Walk / Shadow Walk
  • Broodmother / Black Arachnia: Spin Web
  • Phantom Lancer / Azwraith: Doppelwalk
  • Priestess of the Moon / Mirana Nightshade: Moonlight Shadow (ulty)
  • Murloc Nightcrawler / Slark: Shadow Dance (ulty)
  • Nerubian Assassin / Anub'arak / Nyx Assassin: Vendetta (ulty)
  • Nerubian Weaver / Anub'seran: Shukuchi
  • Stealth Assassin / Rikimaru / Riki: Permanent Invisibility (ulty)
  • Templar Assassin / Lanaya: Meld
  • INT:
  • Invoker / Kael: Ghost Walk
  • STR:
  • Sand King / Crixalis: Sand Storm
  • Treant Protector / Rooftrellen: Nature's Guise

Special mention:

  • Goblin Techies / Squee Spleen and Spoon: Land Mines, Stasis Trap, Remote Mines, while Techies normally can't go invisible most of his abilities are based around invisibility.
  • INT:
  • Grand Magus / Rubick: Spell Steal, making him potentially steal a invisibility skill.

Invisibility Items:

  • Invisibility Rune (and Bottle): This rune item sometimes placed around the map on one of its two possible points in the river simply makes the hero go invisible for a while. If you have Bottle you can store the rune.
  • Lothar's Edge / Shadow Blade: Wind Walk / Shadow Walk, this item can grand invisibility to its owner, making any hero potentially go invisible.
  • Smoke of Deceit: Smoke of Deceit, this item makes anyone near the caster go invisible, however getting to close to an enemy hero reveals everyone. Used as a stealthy way into a gank.

Stealth Tactics:

  • Scouting: If you move ahead you can nicely reveal the enemy for your team. Be careful of anti invisilbe heroes or true sight (more info below).
  • Killing: You will want to single out a weak target, either because it is out of mana, almost out of health or just alone if that is enough. Usually it's about quick in and out action.
  • Escaping: Use your invisibility skill, but wait until you have reached a non true sight (more info below) area, especially enemy towers are not a good place to go invi. Remember if you walk as expected you can still be followed even without sight. Sometimes going invisible and then waiting behind the trees is better.
  • Learn anti-invisible tactics so you can avoid most traps.

What to do against invisible heroes

List of Anti-invisible heroes:

  • Bloodseeker / Strygwyr: Strygwyr's Thirst
  • Bounty Hunter / Gondar: Track (ulty), making this hero both invisible (Wind Walk) and anti-invisible (ulty).
  • INT:
  • Lord of Olympus / Zeus: Thundergod's Wrath (ulty), gives true sight around each affected target.
  • STR:
  • Slithereen Guard / Slardar: Amplify Damage (ulty)

Anti-invisible Tactics:

Besides picking anti-invisible heroes such as listed above, there are some general tactics against invisible heroes.

  • When the hero attacks he will become visible, so this is also your moment to disable your foe.
  • Try to avoid walking alone, especially with low health. Chances are a invisible hero is following you waiting for the right moment.
  • Some disable (such as a stun) spells in your team generally do wonders.
  • If you really want to get them True Sight (more info below) is one of the best ways to counter invisible heroes.
  • Stick closer to towers they reveal invisible heroes for you.
  • If a tanky hero is willing to stay with your carry or the whole team, gem of true sight seems like a good option.

True Sight

    This type of vision is called True Sight because it reveals invisible units in an area around the unit that has True Sight.

    Units with True Sight:

    • Towers: Hugging towers will make things easier.
    • Fountain: The fountain also works as last resort against invisible heroes.
    • Ancients / The World Tree / The Frozen Throne: 900 true sight range around them.

    True Sight Items:

    • Necronomicon Warrior (level 3): the Necronomicon Warrior has true sight (not the Necronomicon Archer).
    • Gem of True Sight: The hero who carries this item gains true sight. Be careful though because you drop this when you die making the enemy potentially grab it.
    • Dust of Appearance: Reveailing invisible heroes around your hero for a short while.
    • Sentry Wards: Invisible wards while they don't have much vision and dissapear after a while they do nicely reveal invisible heroes besides regular ones.

This list is interactive, and thereby constantly improving, please feel free to add or correct things lacking or mistakes by telling us what and why in the comments below, I'll try to implement them to the best of my ability and as time allows. Thanks a lot!

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