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Short description Defense of the Ancients better known as DotA (Allstars) is a Warcraft III (that requires both Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne) custom scenario (player generated) map that has risen in popularity at such an extent that it is the most played tournament map of WC3.
Creators IceFrog, BuffMePlz, Guinsoo, Eul, Blizzard Entertainment (WC3)
Last Update 2009 (Still in active development)
Age 12+
Type Strategy, RPG, Team Gaming
Platform PC, Mac
Score High
Requirements Warcraft III, Reign of Chaos, Frozen Throne

Some heroes can be classified as healers, here you'll find a list of heroes with double innate abilities for staying alive through healing or death prevention (through their ulti).


  • Terrorblade Soulkeeper (aka Terror or Soul)
  • Atropos Bane Elemental (aka Bane)
  • Necrolyte the Necrolic (aka Necro)
  • Aiustha the Enchantress (aka Ench or Enchant)
  • Huskar Sacred Warrior (aka Husk)
  • Dirge the Undying
  • Roofrellen Treant Protector (aka Roof or Treant)
  • Dazzle Shadow Priest
  • Yurnero Juggernaut (aka Jug or Juggy)
  • Purist Thunderwrath Omniknight (aka Omni)
  • Medusa Gorgon - very weak healer
  • Knight Davion Dragon Knight (aka DK) - constant healer passive but weak


  • Naix Lifestealer
  • Leoric Skeleton King (aka SK, Leo or Skel)
  • Strygwyr Bloodseeker (aka Blood or BS) - passive upon opponents death

Ulti Healers, Lifestealers or Death Preventers:

  • Leoric Skeleton King (aka SK, Leo or Skel) - Reincarnation
  • Purist Thunderwrath Omniknight (aka Omni) - Guardian Angel
  • Naix Lifestealer - Infest
  • Terrorblade Soulkeeper (aka Terror or Soul) - Sunder
  • Nerubian Weaver - Time Lapse - Warps the Weaver 5 seconds back in time, resetting the HP, Mana and position. Does not affect cooldown, gold or experience.
  • Pugna Oblivion - Life Drain
  • Clinkz Bonefletcher - Deathpact
  • Black Arachnia Broodmother (aka Brood or Spider) - Insatiable Hunger
  • Chen Holy Knight - Hand of God
  • Dirge the Undying - Flesh Golem
  • Razzil Darkbrew Alchemist (aka Razz or Alchy) - chemical rage, weak heal
  • Krobelus Death Prophet (aka Krobe) - exorcism, at end of duration spirits heal krobelus for 25% of damage that is dealt by them during the ulti, after effect heal
  • Abbadon Lord of Avernus (aka Abba) - borrowed time (prevention) combined with apopthic shield that also offers healing
  • Pudge the Butcher (aka Butch) - dismember if also having Afghanims Scepter

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