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Short description Defense of the Ancients better known as DotA (Allstars) is a Warcraft III (that requires both Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne) custom scenario (player generated) map that has risen in popularity at such an extent that it is the most played tournament map of WC3.
Creators IceFrog, BuffMePlz, Guinsoo, Eul, Blizzard Entertainment (WC3)
Last Update 2010 (Still in active development)
Age 12+
Type Strategy, RPG, Team Gaming
Platform PC, Mac
Score High
Requirements Warcraft III, Reign of Chaos, Frozen Throne

Approximately one third of all heroes in DotA can be regarded as a Intelligence Hero often shortened to INT hero, here are the differences between this and other types of heroes and a list of heroes with intelligence as their main attribute.

What is the difference between a intelligence hero and another type of hero?

There are three types of attribute heroes in DotA. Each hero has a primary attribute, namely agility (AGI), intelligence (INT) or strength (STR). How do stats improve heroes in DotA? So what difference does this so called primary stat attribute make, and what is the difference between agility, intelligence and strength heroes? Well often heroes gain the most stat growth of their primary stat, and their primary stat besides its regular bonus gives an extra 1 damage bonus for each extra stat point, for example gained from leveling up or items.

Besides the normal bonuses of intelligence, namely, increasing your maximum mp (magic points) with 13 mp for each intelligence point and faster regeneration (regen) of these hp, 0.04 mp per second for each intelligence point, these heroes also gain higher base attack damage (base attack damage) for each intelligence point that they themselves possess or raise for example through an item. In general these heroes have a higher than average basic intelligence, with a greater intelligence increase for levelling up. Intelligence heroes can often well equiped to damage from a distance and thereby can often prevent a good share of enemy damage. Intelligence heroes especially in the beginning of the game can often quickly inflict huge damage, because their abilities allow them to either spam or do lots of damage by itself. Early Game Carry Heroes (heroes who carry the begingame) and Ability Spamming Heroes are usually of the Intelligence type.

Basic Intelligence Hero Item Build (Itemleri)

Dota guide/fuide int type item. Keep in mind these are not the best item builds for most heroes, just something to start with that works on most intelligence heroes and isn't too complicated.

Power build:
Power Treads. Orchid Malevolence. Blade Mail. Shiva's Guard. Crystalis. Buriza-do Kyanon. Assault Cuirass.

Magic build:
Oblivian Staff. Perseverance. Boots of Travel. Bloodstone. Refresher Orb. Shiva's Guard. Dagon. Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse.

Disabler build:
Eul's Sceptor of Divinity. Boots of Travel. Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse. Necronomicon. Radiance. Shiva's Guard.

Intelligence Starter items / Helper items:
Null Talisman - Perfect for intelligence heroes, as a cheap stat booster.
Bracer - Just the right stat and strength boost to increase the max hp and with that adds the much valued survivability.
Hood of Defiance - Refills your hp and adds magic ressistance protecting you from much magic damage.
Arcane Ring - Adds max mp and the ability to refresh much of that mana every few seconds.
Kelens Dagger - Adds the ability to instantly warp to a location, much needed for some heroes.

Intelligence Heroes:

  • Ancient Apparition - Kaldr (aka AA)
  • Bane Elemental - Atropos (aka Atro)
  • Batrider - Jin'zakk (aka Bat)
  • Crystal Maiden - Rylai Crestfall (aka CM)
  • Dark Seer - Ish'kafel
  • Death Prophet - Krobelus (aka Krobe)
  • Demon Witch - Lion
  • Enchantress - Aiushtha (aka Ench)
  • Enigma - Darchrow (aka Enig)
  • Faerie Dragon - Puck
  • Far Seer - Thrall
  • Goblin Techies - Squee Spleen and Spoon (aka Tech)
  • Holy Knight - Chen (aka Jackie Chen)
  • Invoker - Kael (aka Invo)
  • Keeper of the Light - Ezalor (aka KotL or Eza)
  • Lich - Kel'Thuzad
  • Lord of Olympia - Zeus
  • Necro'lic - Visage (aka Visa)
  • Necrolyte - Rotund'jere (aka Necro)
  • Ogre Magi - Aggron Stonebreaker
  • Oblivion - Pugna (aka Pug or Obl)
  • Obsidian Destroyer - Harbinger (aka Obs, OD or Dest)
  • Prophet - Furion (aka Proph or Furi)
  • Queen of Pain - Akasha (aka Akas)
  • Shadow Demon - Eredar
  • Shadow Priest - Dazzle (aka Dazz)
  • Shadow Shaman - Rhasta (aka Rhas)
  • Silencer - Nortrom (aka Silen)
  • Slayer - Lina Inverse
  • Storm Spirit - Raijin Thunderkeg
  • Tinker - Boush (aka Tink)
  • Tormented Soul - Leshrac the Malicious (aka Lesh)
  • Twin Head Dragon - Jakiro (aka Jaki or THD)
  • Warlock - Demnok Lannik (aka Warl)
  • Windrunner - Alleria (aka Wind)
  • Witch Doctor - Vol'Jin (aka Witch)

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