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Short description MyBrute is a rather graphical free webgame that you can play with any webbrowser (that supports Flash), even on your mobile. You pit against other brutes in an attempt to be the strongest warrior. The game takes you at a max only 3 minutes a day.
Creators Motion-Twin
Last Update 2009
Age 4+
Type Fighting, RPG
Platform PC, Mac, Linux, etc.
Score Medicore
Requirements Web Browser, Flash

You want to know what MyBrute is? Or you wonder whether it is something for you or your friends? You are in the right place here! For these and many other questions, are answered right here. Do you want to go right to the action? Here you can try it right now!

What is MyBrute?

MyBrute is a flash based arena fighting game. Players create "brutes" and fight other players to gain experience to reach the next level. Each level gives some of the following; higher stats, new abilities, new pets or equipment. You can customize your character to your liking. There are many options for colors, body, appearance, and gender, and you can name your little fighter (as long as it is a name that has not been taken yet). The Brutes can compete in tournaments, and if they reach one of the higher tiers they will receive a title. Also the brute can join clans or start their own clan once they reach level 10.

Review - So how good is it?

MyBrute is a simple game, that offers some fun on a day to day basis, or whatever fits your schedule and does this while requiring very limited time. Think 3 minutes max, that is if you are doing things in a relaxed easy going way. The graphics are stylish and funny in a cartoony way, and are of reasonably high quality, especially for a free webgame. The leveling system is fun and versatile, however there is no player input whatsoever. This means you will have to hope you will get that cool new skill, that deadly new weapon and that mean new pet. You can pick your enemy from a pool of players, or if you type the address right in the browser you can fight anyone you want. You can fight 6 battles on your first day, and 3 fights on every day to come. The gameplay is fun at first as leveling up goes rapidly, but soon it gets hard to gain a level as it takes more experience points each level. So the game slows down in general once time goes by. This is partly due to the player having little input in the leveling process as well as cannot chose a tactic in the battles and partly due to the limited time you can spend on the game each day. However the last is one of the strong points of the game, there are dozens of webgame that consume more and more of your time each day as you continue to grow and gain more options, in such games eventually you will realise either you spend way too much time or you simply can't compete with the others. The game was great advantages and great disadvantages, so it is not a top game, but for a large part it can provide exactly what some players with very limited time are looking for.

Why is MyBrute played by hundreds of thousands of players?

There are three reasons why MyBrute is a game that has a lot of following, however most players that are purely in the game for reason 1 and 2 often stop playing after a short period as the appeal wears down rapidly as described above. People who stick with it often mention reason three.

  • 1. The game is really funny and easy to get into and the high graphical quality all help to attract players.
  • 2. The game uses a pupil system that helps the player gain more experience faster, this way the players themselves will spread info about My Brute to try to get more pupils and so experience. This spreads the hype.
  • 3. The limited time needed to play the game on a decent level attracts long term players, those that are looking for a game that doesn't try to take over their life. There are other free webgames games that are far more interesting, but they also take far more time.

Tips and tricks

Try to find a master that has a lot of battle experience. Most people unknowingly join as a pupil under a player with tons of other pupils and thus has a high level, but has no actual battle record. The more battle experience the master has the stronger the pupil will grow. You can often see brutes of level 5 beat brutes of level 13 and higher because of this reason. To help players find a good start we of BySpartanLaw have made a account, click here to try to beat us and find a good master with more than 350 won battles on his battle sheet.

Let's say today you have limited time, yes even less than 3 minutes available and you still want to use your 3 battles, you can do it in a few seconds really. Go to you MyBrute page, logon if needed and click on arena, now chose a enemy, start the battle and once it starts click back one page or backspace on most browsers, chose your next enemy and repeat and one more time. If you get the hang of this, you just did 3 battles in 10 seconds.

If you are looking for a clan, join one where the clan owner has a lot of battles on his battle sheet (350 or more). The other clans might seem nice but they are actually inactive ghost like clans. We have made a clan, you can find it here. All you need to do is click join and logon. We only accept players of level 10 and higher so that we can all be sure to have an active bunch.

Players are often impressed by some pets like wolves or bears and less impressed by the little dogs. However there are easy ways to counter against pets if you have abilities like Cry of the Damned, Bomb or Net and you can even use them against their owner. Also having pets cost a good share of your hit points (hp). Don't over value having a pet.

Players are often impressed by weapons like the Hammer. It is a strong weapon but if you are fast enough to dodge it, or if you have abilities like Impact, Sabotage or Thief you easily disable it or even use it against their owner. Also if you have a lot of weapons the chance of actually using your Hammer is becoming pretty small. Don't over value having those big damage weapons.

The fastest way to get experience is to get thousands of pupils, this can be done as follows on many popular sites, such as forums post your link and ask people to be your pupil.

See also

Okay after all that information you might want to see for yourself if MyBrute is worth a try. Click here to give it a try.

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MyBrute - Free Arena Webgame - Review

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