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   DotA Getting Started  

If you want to play Defense of the Ancients better known as DotA (Allstars), here you'll find a step by step description. So you can start immediately! Because when you experience playing this great game you'll realise; it really is the sooner the better. See you soon in DotA!

   Improve your DotA game - Fundamentals  

Learn the basics of DotA. Understand the fundamentals and know the biggest attention points of DotA. A step by step guide that explains how you can simply enhance a lot of your DotA game and skills.

   This is DotA  

What is Dota (Allstars)? Find an answer to that question and a history and description of Defense of the Ancients. You also find answers to questions like: Why do millions of gamers play this game? Where does it come from? Why the DotA hype?

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